Storage and Transportation

Although the UP production process ensures quality fruit and quality processes, the EVOO must also be protected from environmental damage during all phases of storage and transportation from tree to bottle. The Fusti and Bottle storage requirements listed below specifically apply to all retail stores offering products carrying the UP Logo Certification.

4.1 Tank Storage
4.1.1 Inert Gas (Argon or Nitrogen)-lined at farm mill    
4.1.2 Naturally settled at farm or lightly filtered as to not impact flavor or chemistry    
4.1.3 Impermeable, stainless steel                         
4.2 Bulk Containers
4.2.1 Air-tight seals    
4.2.2 Temperature controlled    
4.3 Fusti Storage
4.3.1 No mixing of EVOOs    
4.3.2 Fusti cleaning schedule    
4.4 Bottle Storage
4.4.1 Keep away from light and heat sources    
4.4.2 Dark tinted glass bottles    
4.4.3 Best when used within 4 months of first opening bottle